Legal Services

Prague Attorneys provide a comprehensive range of highly professional legal services in all major areas of law.

We offer legal advice and services of the highest quality in the fields of Civil Law, Commercial Law, EU Law, Immigration Law and Criminal Law. We are also able to provide legal services in the fields of Labour Law, Family Law and to represent our clients in proceedings before courts and administrative authorities.

We have a long term and successful experience in arbitration and with some of our legal team acting as arbitrators we are well placed to assist in arbitration proceedings. We have assisted many Czech and foreign clients through the procedures needed in order to lawfully open and run their own business. Members of our legal team are also experienced in matters of International Contract Law.

Lawyers willing to offer pro bono services are in the minority in the Czech Republic, however, both Dr Štěpánka Miková and Dr Matouš Jíra undertake pro bono cases and work closely with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and a non-profit organization called La Strada.

Our goal is to find an appropriate, effective and rapid solution for the particular legal problem or situation of our clients. Our objective is to ensure protection and enforcement of our clients’ rights in all legal relations whether they are commercial or private, criminal or civil. Our lawyers place the utmost emphasis on professionalism, reliability and discreteness.

  • Civil Law
  • Preparation and negotiation of all types of contracts

    Preparation and filing of all kinds of submissions to court

    Comprehensive legal services relating to real estate

    Administration and collection of receivables

    Consumer Dispute Resolution

  • Business Law
  • Preparation and negotiation of all types of contracts

    Establishment of all forms of companies and cooperatives

    Changes in corporate documents and structure

    Representation in proceedings before courts and other state authorities

    Liquidation, bankruptcy and other means of termination of business activities

    Law of Promissory Notes

    Insolvency Law

  • Rodinné právo
  • Representation in divorce proceedings

    Settlement of marital property

    Arrangement of property between spouses

    Alimony disputes

    Disputes regarding the care of minor children


  • Labour Law
  • Preparation and negotiation of employment contracts, contracts to complete a job and contracts to perform work

    Negotiation and termination of employment contracts

    Resolution of changes occurring in the course of employment

    Labour disputes

    Health and Safety at work

    Responsibility in labour relations

    Employment of foreign nationals

  • Správní právo
  • Representation in administrative proceedings

    Representation in proceedings before Administrative Justice concerning the review of administrative authorities’ actions and administrative decisions

    Processing of administrative actions and cassation complaints

    Solution of administrative offenses

  • Criminal Law
  • Representation of both natural and legal persons in criminal proceedings

    Comprehensive defence during pre-trial proceedings and criminal proceedings before all courts at every level

    Settlement of damages between the defendant and the victims

  • Immigration Law
  • Comprehensive legal services in the field of Immigration Law

    Preparation of requests for extension of residency, visa application and requests for long term or permanent residency

    Assistance in proceedings before the Department of Asylum and Migration of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

    Appeals/complaints to specialized authorities regarding the actions of administrative authorities

    Representation of clients in proceedings before administrative courts concerning the review of the Ministry’s actions and the Ministry’s decisions

  • EU Law
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts with a European aspect pursuant to the requirements of EU law

    Counselling and representation of clients in proceedings before European institutions

    Analysis of entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial plans from the perspective of European Law

    Advice on the free movement of persons, goods, services, capital and company establishment

  • International Law
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts with an international aspect pursuant to International and European Private Law

    Advice on negotiating purchase contracts with an international aspect pursuant to the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

    Representation in international disputes resolution in judicial, arbitration and conciliation proceeding

In all fields of law, we seek to provide the best quality of legal services according to the client’s needs and to defend the client’s interests efficiently.

If you have any queries regarding our services, please get in touch with us directly.